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                    A Federal Criminal Defense 'PSR' Case Management Software


Criminal Justice / Prison Reform is a large and complicated conversation-a goal we all wish to reach, and that day is always coming tomorrow -  but to those facing incarceration, the post guilty verdict process determines 100% of their (and their families) fears and future; and that day is today! 



Overall premise: 


- Most individuals being detained and facing incarceration are those of color, and not the white collar defendants with financial means. 

- Once detained, they can be held from days to years, before they ever see a sentencing courtroom. 

- For those taking medications or using a medical device at home (ie: CPAP), these challenges still need to be addressed early. 

- For those who are medically healthy or have never seen a doctor, someone still needs to be their advocate. 

- Most ultimately end up with a Public Defender, and these attorneys while doing their best are over worked and do not have the same time and resources (as private council) to give to their clients.  





What we have done is to address and change a small portion of this paradigm. 


Current Criminal Justice Challenges: 

Current federal incarceration rates are increasing, mostly affecting people of color. 

In the federal system; over 86% of those indicted-go to prison., (in the state system; over 75% of those indicted- go to prison). 

After a verdict of guilty, the most important document is the Presentence Report (PSR); a       

   healthcare, criminal and financial background of the defendant. 

Law Schools do not teach the details of the federal designation or prison placement process, 

   resulting in: 

   □ Legal teams, following a verdict of guilty, are limited at best in making qualified prison    

       placement recommendations to the court. 




Providing qualified prison recommendations to the court before sentencing, taking into account both healthcare needs as well as specific interests the client may have in an occupational trade or higher learning. 

• Reduce Recidivism by matching and nurturing the client’s interest in a particular occupational trade or higher education, with appropriate prisons. 

* One example lies in: The LastMile,a program started at San Quentin State Prison that teaches inmates how to code. Once released they now have a new chance at life and a career to look forward to. 


Providing continuity of medical care by matching the client with prisons that are able to provide the healthcare they need. 

• The PSR (Presentence Report) is used by: 

   □ The judge for sentencing. 

   □ The BOP (Bureau of Prisons) to designate, or place you in a particular prison. 

   □ Probation, to supervise you after release. 

   □ Finally, it then becomes a permanent part of your record. 


PPRS Prison Match™;                                                                                      

The only service that "matches" the defendant to a prison based on their; 

PPRS Prison Match™ with regard to state prisons provides only the medical portion that may affect the sentencing designation process, but there is no state prison matching at this time. 



PPRS Prison Match™, a Presentence Report Service: is best used following a guilty verdict in a federal case, but could be started as soon as the person has initially been detained or indicted.  


Are you a religious organization? 

Religious organizations provide a natural network of congregations that can become the points of first contact, should a person find themselves facing the possibility of incarceration. 


The Role of Religious Organizations: 

Introduce PPRS Prison Match™ to those in need, to help protect both their lives and future. 

You provide the most efficient pathway to accomplish this because: 

   □ Religious Organizations, combining all denominations dominate the American landscape. 

   □ Religious Organizations already offer a large number of local facilities that provide personal interactions, support and resources, all within their respective communities. 

   □ Religious Organizations currently provide a natural network that can become the points of first contact, should a person find themselves facing incarceration 


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Physician Presentence Report Service's Interests & Activities:

Where you go and how much time you serve now impart depends on the Presentence Report and Interview. Your Presentence Report is one of your last attempts to put your best profile in front of the court in an honest & frank manner. The Presentence Report- with it: ●Judges will sentence you ●The BOP will use it to place you to a Prison via the office of DSCC (Designation and Sentence Computation Center) ●The Probation Officer uses it during supervised release. ● Remains forever on your record. As physicians we’ve treated thousands of new patients, asking them some of these very same questions every day, and now we’ re offering to do this for you. Our only goal is to help you and your families get positioned as best as possible. Together with your Legal Team; together we’ ll do the best we can.